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Although Imperial is the hero of this drama, I understand that the company’s geologists mapped the Leduc reefs at a 90° angle to their actual orientation. Armed with this knowledge, the company’s geologists – led by Ted Link, who by this time was in charge of Imperial’s exploration efforts – rethought their approach to Western Canada. Leduc: Although Canol had little impact on affairs of state, it had a huge impact on oil development in Western Canada. Later studies of the project’s environmental impact in Whitehorse were revealing. The refinery built in Whitehorse played an important role in Alberta’s industrial development. Imperial bought the mothballed refinery for one dollar, dismantled it and moved it to Strathcona, near Edmonton. In an email, my friend Clint Tippett asked whether GSC mapping of the Rockies west of Edmonton – work undertaken by Helen Belyea, Digby Maclaren and others – influenced Imperial’s thinking. Both Esparza and Minnix give TxDOT high marks for improving roads and expanding capacity in West Texas and in the other high-producing regions.

The top line does align with the shallowest production in Giddings Field (Texas). This article discusses the role Texas and California played in the ownership of mineral rights. Whilst the official unemployment figures may not look so dire, this article which shows the proportion of people in the States in paid employment paints a different picture. Bosworth’s 1914 report may have been the most influential geological document in Canadian history. Yes, it can quickly push a few leaves around, which may help in a few hard to reach locations, but overall it is an extremely ineffective and inefficient way to deal with fall foliage. The department will continue to reach out to school districts and release updated borrowing figures every month until the final budget is signed into law. Production mostly came straight up out of vertical holes. On the other hand, gas prices and compression costs continue to increase, forcing the oil operator to approach maximum production cautiously.

Paradigm Oil & Gas has several proven oil production leases and options for many more, holds the rights to the Centurion Technology, and owns rigs that target shallow stripper wells. The 1999 constitution is clear on this.2 Section 1 of the Petroleum Act, Cap P10 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria (LFN), 2004 also vests ownership of oil and gas in the Federal Government of Nigeria. If Leduc had not come in, it is easy to imagine the Devonian oil fields lying fallow for many, many years. As the result of wartime field development at Norman Wells, Imperial learned that the field’s reservoir rock was Devonian reef. Perhaps we should not give all the credit to Imperial Oil for the geological idea that there might be Devonian reefs in Alberta. There is another important connection between post-war oil development in Alberta and the Canol project. In the sector’s early years, important discoveries occurred almost independently of settlement, and a great deal of oil and gas development continues to take place in sparsely populated areas. When using the GasBuddy gas tracker, you can see the fuel price history for areas you might be interested in visiting or moving to.

If not for the Bosworth report, Canada’s petroleum industry would have had quite a different history. It would be easy to think of Canada’s petroleum industry as one that began in southern Ontario and Alberta, grew wealthy, then began exploring and developing its frontiers. They created one of the first great post-war oil booms, and helped lay the foundation for one of the world’s most diverse and technically advanced petroleum industries. David Snow Okay. And is the Smith above the rubble or is it the next one after the Smith above the rubble? After mapping them correctly, Texaco came to have the dominant position in the Leduc chain of reefs. We have got a couple of working theories about what caused the lower fracturation in that well bore down to the south. A quarter-century after the first Canadian horizontal well was drilled, the technology is the cornerstone of today’s industry.