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So certainly optimistic. More so, than had we been in the upper targeted and experienced the well’s results over the last few wells, that would have been of a little more concern. So we’ve said it, by the end of the year, but certainly, with good results short-term, you’re going to see that happen a little bit quicker than that. We’re sharing ideas. There is a very notable firm that we feel confident that’s going to be in our area with rigs — a rig or two before too long, who is very capable, very good at what they do. And if you do decide to get a little bit less aggressive, maybe stick with 3 rigs for an extended period of time, before ramping to 5, are you in jeopardy of losing some acreage there? I guess, if I understand the frac or excuse me, the plug issue correctly, it’s not so much in, a problem in the actual drilling up the plug part, as it is in, maybe getting the bit to the plugs.

Certainly similar in timing, I think Gil had mentioned, if all things go well, when you likely would have Weyerhaeuser results, kind of midway through the frac on the CMR, then we’ll drill those frac plugs out. I think a number of things. I think we’re up around 18,000, 19,000 pounds of both burst and collapse on our casing. Is any of that related to the casing strength itself? So we don’t think it’s a casing strength issue. I think we’ve got a couple of plugs out of the way. Now when drilling it and when fracing it, and getting your plugs to set, all of that. If the forward price exceeds the spot price by more than full carry, an arbitrageur could buy the spot commodity, store it, and sell it forward at the futures price for a riskless profit. It’s really more just a little bit of slight deformation, which is creating a little bit of taking or changing in the placement of those plugs and making them difficult to drill out.

I’m assuming it’s a workover rig at Weyerhaeuser, drilling out the plugs and then, relative to the CMR timing, given that in the middle of its frac process. And can you say how far you’re into the process now with the Weyerhaeuser, in terms of days or how far you’ve gotten? It can be used through a bore hole as small as two and a half inches diameter, or as large as one nine inches in diameter. Okay. And just 2 more — just a real quick one. A popular sector for high yield stock is real estate investment trust-REIT-stocks. Breilting has offered highly convenient oil and gas investment opportunities through direct participation programs. There are plenty of opportunities in banking sectors and industries for the graduates, where they can take up the managerial responsibilities or technical offers. As you can go back to, remember, the issue we had on the Denkmann well, which raised a lot of questions.

Well, there’s really not, except for the fact that, one, we’ve started the process. Well, we’re just getting started. It’s really getting ahead of 2015 is what you need to accelerate for. Consumers now have a small break coming to them as there is now a spread of some six cents a litre between stations. Each state’s blue sky law is administered by its appropriate regulatory agency, and most also provide private causes of action for private investors who have been injured by securities fraud. You can have a public (i.e., “socialized”) police force and private security guards. It has been already observed that many parameters can affect the efficiency of such a process, especially the wettability and the spreading power. We continue to study industry trends and issues closely, so that we can better understand the challenges that our clients face, and how we can best help them to achieve success. Can you elaborate on that at all? This by itself will ensure that you utilize electricity much more efficiently.