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Yes, I’ll — this is Gil, Dan. Yes, I think, as Gil mentioned, we did run the composite plugs. And its history is any evidence that would give you high hopes that you ought to be able to get your plugs out, but you, and we just got to go ahead and do that. As to the Weyerhaeuser well, we’re going to have to get through the drilling out the plugs before we know that. Sure. With the current plan, if you just stayed at the 3 rigs, and you didn’t do anything other than that, obviously, not scaling up to 5 is going to cut quite a bit of capital in the TMS. Tuscaloosa Marine Shale. And we believe that we have a major, major asset there, which we’re going to put a good bit of capital towards. Obviously, if you’re being a little more prudent or going a little bit slower, but we’ve certainly seen better wells that had landed in the lower target.

The drilling, as Gil suggested, is going much better. 500,000 of savings that Gil outlined. What was the question, Dan? And the next question is from the line of Dan McSpirit of BMO Capital Markets. So a simple answer to your question is, it’s a challenge, and one that we’ve seen. The next question is from the line of Neal Dingmann of SunTrust. Well, you pull out your trust key! Access their user-friendly online data base to pull up Goodrich Petroleum’s wells. So as I said, 5 of 8 wells that land in the upper target did have some degree of problems drilling out the frac plugs, most of which appear to be pipe deformation-related. It does appear that it is a contributing factor, if not the factor, relative to the completion in pipe deformation issues that we believe we’ve encountered, particularly in the upper target wells. 700,000. I think the lower target well takes a couple of extra days. Why did it take, I think for a while, you thought maybe where it was, I guess, in fact flowing back. Why did it take a period before you realized that maybe it was clogged, whereas on the Huff, you’re able to recognize that early?

And Rob, why was it on this last one? Run the name backwards in the indirect (vendee) deed records to see who they purchased the property from and then run that owner backwards and so on until you have checked the last fifty years. And then, Rob, last one, if I could. As I tried to say in my prepared remarks, the clay content, the higher clay content in the TMS, we think has largely been removed as an issue relative to production capabilities, resource potential and EURs. The Congo aims to raise its oil production from drilling at the eastern borders at Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. The potential gas deposits in Congo have also attracted the attention of Chevron, stated Mbuyu. Create and maintain relationships at key levels with select customers and accounts; Aggreko is searching for a Sales Manager, Oil & Gas in Houston, TX. Mergers and acquisition act as prime strategy followed by the key players across the region. But we’re certainly hopeful that by successfully drilling out the frac plugs, we will successfully open up the entire lateral and be able to go back into flowback mode, and have the kind of well we envisioned when we drilled.

Any timing on results from the — from that effort, from remediating the Weyerhaeuser well? Got it, and any timing on results from that effort? I’m asking in an effort to get a better sense on how you feel about the resource today versus 12 months ago, and whether returns could prove as competitive and repeatable as what you’re drilling in South Texas. Today we recognize that the oil age won’t end because the world ran out of oil. Nonrenewable energy is a type of energy we will run out of at some point. Quick review Up to this point we have talked about not getting conned when starting out. One might say at this point that the true compression ratio is ten to one considering a closed discharge valve (swept volume divided by swept volume plus clearance volume). The hub connects ten pipelines and facilitates delivery to California and the Midcontinent.