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Why Customer 360 Matters In Modern Retail Industry?

Another large benefit of using Internet fax service is your privacy levels are strictly maintained as there shall be no boss or colleague trying over your shoulder and studying your fax message. Many politicians are taking the internet and using

The Oil Industry Shapes

Greed is rampant all over the world, governments caring only about today. Thanks for reading it Alan, it was written well over a year ago, and certainly seems as relevant today as when I wrote it considering the ‘Russian Scare’

The Oil & Gas Industry Has An Expiration Date

This sector is another high producer of CO2 from the use of petroleum and diesel in our automobiles, trucks, trains, ships and airplanes. Companies such as Iberdrola Renewables and Xcel Energy could be examples of the growing future of the

Risk Management In The Oil And Gas Industry

Olive oil-gas partition coefficients, Loil, have been determined for 80 solutes at 310 K using a gas chromatographic method in which olive oil is used as the stationary phase. Combination with other literature values has enabled a list of 140

Oil And Gas (O&G) Industry Solutions

It would almost certainly lead to an arms race, as not only Iran but Saudi Arabia joined Israel in going nuclear. LORETTA LYNCH, President, California PUC: These folks are going to bleed us to death like leeches unless we stop

IoT Tech Helps Oil And Gas Industry’s Skills Shortage

The more important factors which modify accumulations of hydrocarbons are listed and discussed. It is an accepted hypothesis that organic matter in sediments is the source or the complement, or both, of the hydrocarbons in sedimentary reservoirs. Furthermore, a sorption