The 21 Point Inspection And Your Oil Change

The value destruction described above affects companies and investors. If the same situation affects residential properties, many people will have to likewise tighten their belts and pay down debts. At the same time, we also hear news of some new residential properties selling like hot cakes. Instead of a booming economy at risk of overheating, we have poor business and/or low margins in industries ranging from Oil & Gas, agriculture, commodities, shipping, shipbuilding, properties and banks. Risk is defined as an expectation that a threat may succeed and the potential damage can occur. In the past 2 weeks, all 3 banks have reported their earnings for 2015. How do they stack up against one another from the risk point of view? I am sure that at some point you have seen the ads and special deals on oil changes that offer a 21 point inspection with your oil change. New World Oil and Gas has signed a farm-out agreement with ThermaSource International for New World’s Blue Creek project located in the producing Peten Basin in north-west Belize.

The rise in demand of these two substances has led to a rapid growth in oil and gas sector. In the REIT space, almost every sector ranging from office, retail, hotel and industrial are facing challenges, due to either oversupply or changing demand. With the exception of the US economy, 8 years of low interest rates and multiple rounds of QE have not been able to add to the overall demand in the global economies. As if low/ negative interest rates are not sufficient, US and other central banks have carried out multiple rounds of Quantitative Easing (QE) to flood the markets with cash since Nov 2008! However, aren’t low/ negative interest rates and QE supposed to revive the slowing global economies? US interest rates are now only 0.25% to 0.5%. Several countries, such as Eurozone, Japan, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland have even taken the unprecedented step of dropping interest rates to negative levels since Jun 2014!

In the real economy, the picture is even worse. In some of the industries mentioned, some companies have even entered judicial management. Ironically and in spite of the flood of easy money, what we have is not more money, but a fairly wide-ranging destruction of value across many industries. Instead, the flood of easy money have added to the overall supply by making it easy for companies to borrow money and build capacity. Mineral owners should be aware of how long some oil/gas companies will tie up your minerals via the terms of their lease. The situation is reminiscent of Offshore Support Vessel (OSV) companies which took on huge debts to expand their fleets of OSVs rapidly when oil price was high but are now having difficulties finding charterers to hire their OSVs. Using Fort Saskatchewan as a staging point, they batched natural gas liquids through Interprovincial’s oil pipeline to Sarnia, Ontario.

So, the amount of individuals entering the oil and gas business has been in a steady decline along with the prices. It can be a viable alternative source of energy that can help us kick the oil import habit if we can give it a chance. 7:30. Corporate sponsorships are available and include a pre-event VIP reception that will offer a chance to spend time with some of our NFL alumni who will be in attendance. Investors who have lost money in stocks in the above-mentioned industries, despite a long-running US equities bull market, would understand best. Nevertheless, the orders-to-revenue metric is sound and I will continue to use it to guide my investments in O&G stocks. Hence, I have not picked up any bank stocks yet. Hence, chances of moisture or vapour entry are minimized. No matter where you live, chances are good you’re going to be without power for some length of time.