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I’m assuming it’s a workover rig at Weyerhaeuser, drilling out the plugs and then, relative to the CMR timing, given that in the middle of its frac process. I guess, if I understand the frac or excuse me, the plug issue correctly, it’s not so much in, a problem in the actual drilling up the plug part, as it is in, maybe getting the bit to the plugs. Now when drilling it and when fracing it, and getting your plugs to set, all of that. It’s now or never for Mahathir to make amends. Let’s get a couple of months down the road, then we’ll have those 3 data points that we mentioned earlier with David, and then make a decision on the fourth, and then continue to build from there. And so we have the potential there. And certainly, so far, don’t appear to have deformation of casing. Given that, is there any way to know what the — what kind of wellbore deformation you’re dealing with in the Weyerhaeuser, versus the Huff at this point? A very different situation there on the Denkmann and what we’re talking here in with the pipe deformation. There is still a wide range of oil jobs that need to be constantly filled.

Sabah’s oil and gas industry has been operating for over 30 years, and in 2009 its oil and gas were the biggest contributor to the island’s gross domestic product. Myanmar has offered 18 onshore oil and natural gas exploration blocks to foreign energy companies, but many are more interested in the country’s offshore developments, Dow Jones reported. The other class of natural resources is renewable resources. But I think near-term, given the hiccups we’ve had here, we certainly are going to be using composite plugs on the next few wells. We have not received any AFEs, but we are exchanging general schedules as to where we think those wells are going to be drilled, and whether we would have an interest or not. We also recognize that we are completely shareholder funded and as a result, this is your company. And if you do decide to get a little bit less aggressive, maybe stick with 3 rigs for an extended period of time, before ramping to 5, are you in jeopardy of losing some acreage there? So certainly, and if — within a reasonable period of time, if all things go as hoped for, we ought to have some results.

So we’ve said it, by the end of the year, but certainly, with good results short-term, you’re going to see that happen a little bit quicker than that. And is that, how can that impact the production rates as we see in the slides? Medium-term supply could slip into surplus if many of the west African mega projects make it into large-scale production. Information posted to this board is not meant to suggest any specific action, but to point out the technical signs that can help our readers make their own specific decisions. Control decisions are also influenced by the social and environmental context in which the controller operates. However, if contract terms are not equivalent, substantial basis risk can result. And we’re — we basically manage that and monitor it on a daily basis. Okay. And just 2 more — just a real quick one. And so one of the options is that the permanent plugs, if we can drilled them out as easily and efficiently as we could a composite plug, then there really isn’t much difference to cost.

Yes, we have pretty much said that if you stagger these rigs every 2 to 3 months, that would give you the ability to collect additional data as you go. Yes, that’s exactly right. Yes, Ron, this is Rob. This is an attractive deal for FOGL, reducing the risks of frontier oil exploration and adding Noble’s experience of drilling in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, offshore Eastern Mediterranean and offshore West Africa. And is the work-over rig — is it a work-over or drilling rig? No, that’s not a drilling rig. That’s a work-over rig. We’re sharing ideas. There is a very notable firm that we feel confident that’s going to be in our area with rigs — a rig or two before too long, who is very capable, very good at what they do. If there is a change in the government set up due to elections, or of dictatorship, the planning job done by the previous government should not be altered altogether.

So there are some wells that we are — have an interest in, that we don’t operate that have pump depths too high, in our opinion, and fluid levels suggesting that the wells aren’t pumping all. And we’re also, kind of falling back on the fact that all the previous wells that have landed in the lower target had been able to get their plugs drilled out. It’s really more just a little bit of slight deformation, which is creating a little bit of taking or changing in the placement of those plugs and making them difficult to drill out. Our goal here would be to not be running at full-speed, making similar or having similar issues. The buildings other tenants include two oil and gas companies as well as a state oil and gas association. The Center is closely tracking a Bureau of Land Management plan to offer 168,000 lease acres for oil and gas development on public lands in New Mexico and in west Texas by auction.