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If it can successfully liquidate all its ships (or until the debts are fully paid off), there is residual value for shareholders. Nevertheless, it has been selling ships to pay down the debts. Oil explorers sidelined 41 drilling rigs this week, the smallest drop in three weeks and down from the average 59-rig decline in February. Those lenders have marked down the perceived value for both oil and natural gas for the coming five years, with the changes kicking in as early as this month. In WV with natural gas, WV is about to repeat the history of exporting coal and electricity to drive the U.S. While the gas sector may have won the battle against coal, it may face a fate similar to coal in its battle against the renewal fuel industry. Rouhani said the aim was to reduce “hardships” in Iran where a shock fuel price hike last month triggered nationwide demonstrations that turned deadly. Yudichak asked DCNR, like he did with DEP last week, if the agency was looking at the potential for securitizing some of the revenue from drilling to provide for maintenance project funding. See Valuation of First Ship Lease Trust for an estimate of the liquidation value of FSL carried out in May last year.

Likewise, Triyards reported it had USD19.8M in cash as at end May 2017, of which USD16.8M was restricted cash. Out of SGD222.0M in cash as at end Sep 2017, SGD73.7M is restricted bank balances. A case in point is Ezion, which has USD93.5M in cash and cash equivalents as at end Jun 2017. However, USD89.7M of this was “earmarked by the banks for various facilities granted”. The above are the investing/ accounting lessons learnt for 2017. Let’s hope that I will learn the lessons well and have better performance next year. It is time to reflect and recap the investing lessons learnt. There are 3 valuable lessons learnt from these episodes, namely, (1) know your customers well, (2) watch out for restricted cash, and (3) understand value-in-use. If the customers are doing well, likely the suppliers will also do well. See Know Your Customers Well! An example is Triyards, which is affected by the woes at Ezion, which is one of its major customers.

This relationship is most evident in the Oil & Gas (O&G) industry, as troubles at upstream customers affect downstream suppliers. The recovering part is the upstream Exploration & Production sector with the rise in oil price, while the declining part is the ship/rig building sector, as discussed in Is A Recovery for Oil & Gas Shipbuilders Near? Despite this increase in reserves, the high rates of increase in gas consumption over the past decades lead to estimates of 60 years for which there will be enough gas, at the current production level. The first batch of O&G minions are from the upstream Exploration & Production (E&P) companies, as they are the first to benefit from the rise in oil price. I did a search and came up with this list of hot jobs in oil and gas that need to be filled all over the world. Minimum age for oil and gas jobs UK is eighteen years, yet generally, employees are noticeably older than that. However, accidents do happen causing oil spills around our coastlines which result in total devastation the local environment, flora and fauna. As a result, these investments may provide a hedge against a downturn in the economy, particularly if the downturn is the result of a shortage of oil and gas.

Be sure to go over the selection of oil and gas drilling equipment from the right supplier to compare them. One such hotbed for lobbyists concerns the large deposits of oil and natural gas that many geologists believe lie in wait beneath the lake beds of America’s Great Lakes. The industry also recognizes that associated gas may bring potential economic benefits since the natural gas prices have increased substantially since the early 1970s. Nevertheless, the cost of building the infrastructure and ready access local markets are the main obstacles. One of them is simply enacting policies that will help protect the natural resources therein from private people who may be out to exploit the natural resources. It is often used to help remove gas from the digestive track, and is used for a variety of stomach ailments. See Is A Recovery for Oil & Gas Shipbuilders Near? Nevertheless, it has been 3 years since the oil price crashed in Jun 2014, and it is perhaps time to look further downstream along the O&G value chain, which brings me to the Offshore Support Vessel (OSV) companies.

It is part of an oil ‘play’ called the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale or “TMS” for short. We also buy in other areas of West Virginia and other states but as far as West Virginia goes, we have a focus in the Marcellus shale play and the Utica shale play areas. At this time, we are primarily interested in areas which have some potential for the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale. Member nations are saying that they will not touch quotas at this time, as they don’t want to disrupt any possibility of a start to economic recovery, or put some imbalance in the markets. Understanding the industry value chain will allow investors to know whether troubles will hit and whether a recovery is in progress. Here, it is a little tricky, because some parts of the industry value chain are recovering while other parts are still declining. They are extremely volatile. · They are tax free investments.